We were delighted to host our launch event with the support of VRTGO Labs, a new ar/vr community space

The event took place on the 9th of December and was put together specifically for interested party’s to ensure you get the information you need to create fantastic ideas.

Presentation by Richard Seales, Customer Services Manager

Presentation by Richard Seales, Customer Services Manager

A brief introduction to our culture, and our current initiative to celebrate customer service at Northumbrian Water

Presentation by Steve Grainger, Director or Enigma

Presentation by Steve Grainger, Director or Enigma

Eddie Beardsmore from Coatsink talks about learning games

Eddie Beardsmore from Coatsink talks about learning games

The brief is purposefully open and not directive....However here are some insights from the internal team to support you idea developments:


Our main goals include highlighting the range of roles and individuals engaged in delighting customers.  

Further we seek to highlight those involved in a variety of specific events and those helping to delight customers in different ways.

Another facet of the challenge is to highlight the range of teams and individuals involved in delighting customers.

The range of scenarios is diverse.  Here are a few:

  • Helping a customer identify a leak.
  • Understanding the make-up of a bill and helping to reduce the bill.
  • Supporting a customer dealing with a surface drainage problem on their premises.
  • Working with a community to establish flood control plans.
  • Working with teachers to provide educational programmes for local schools.
  • Supporting a community group in arranging a trip to kielder reservoir.
  • Rapidly responding to a wastewater blockage.


We want you to create an insightful game which identified the range and depth of interactions and efforts involved in delighting customers.  

One of the key challenges in designing a game is to avoid individual popularity or personality driving results.  

Another associated challenge is reaching and engaging very different groups and sub-groups across our community.  AS with all large and complex organisations, our teams represent very different people, personalities and interests.


We have a distributed workforce and are looking for a game solution that will equally reach those in the field and in the office.

Our intranet will run anything that is compatible with Internet Explorer.

We are not looking for systems integration into existing software platforms.  However we do have an existing staff rewards programme called ViVa.  You can find out more about our employee benefits here


An introduction from our Chief Information Officer, James Robbins

We were delighted with the response to our initiative with over 70 registered attendees coming along to the kick-off event.  The day provided a great opportunity to learn more about Northumbrian Water (NWL) Ltd., meet some of our great people and potential collaborators.

Cross-disciplinary collaboration is strongly encouraged!

The competition is not only open to North East based games designers, games design companies, but the broader dev. Community, and HR, training and behavioural coaching businesses.

Whether you are an independent developer just brimming with ideas, an ‘indi’ creative, or a specialist in staff motivation.  

If you are interested in getting involved and don't want to fly solo...Why not 'shout out' on our twitter and join a team: 

SockMonkey Studios ‏@SockMonkeyLtd  

@nwater_game Ooo!! We like water! We'll check this out. :) #WaterIsCool