We are delighted to be hosting our launch event with the support of VRTGO Labs, an new ar/vr community space

The event has been put together specifically for interested party’s to ensure you get the information your need to create fantastic ideas.

The event will take place on the 9th of December 2015 at the VRTGO Labs in Newcastle Upon Tyne

The event is free but places are limited so don't forget to register soon to avoid disappointment.

Reasons to come along:

Coming along to the kick-off event will give us a chance to meet you, and offer you the opportunity to learn more about Northumbrian Water (NWL) Ltd., some of our great people as well as potential collaborators.

Cross-disciplinary collaboration is strongly encouraged!:

The event is not only open to North East based games designers, games design companies, but the broader dev. Community, and HR, training and behavioural coaching businesses.

Whether you are an independent developer just brimming with ideas, an ‘indi’ creative, or a specialist in staff motivation- it’s also an opportunity to meet others and potentially team up!

‘What if I can’t make it!?’  ... That’s OK, you can still participate in the competition and we will ensure you have access to all of the presentation materials.

On the Day:

We’ll have a series of mini-talks by key staff and stakeholders about the brief, our goals, and about customer care at NWL, and how we presently reward enterprising behaviour.

At the Q&A session, you can fire your questions at our panel of experts. We’ll also facilitate the opportunity for you to find teammates and explore ideas for the competition.


3.00    Seasonal Reception                                                                   Bucks fizz/ Mince pies

3.15    Welcome to VRTGO                                                                     Carri Cunliffe (Gateshead Council)
3.20    Introduction                                                                                 Paul Sutherland – Innovation @NWL
3.25    Games design for People and processes                                  Eddie Beardsmore, Coatsink
3.45    Corporate gamification – Practical hints and tips                       Steve Grainger, MD, Enigma-Interactive
4.10     Unrivalled service                                                                       James Robbins - CIO / Richard Seales – CS Manager
4.30    About the competition/ Q&A                                                       Paul Sutherland – Innovation @NWL

4.40    Shout outs and Networking                                                      Teas/ coffee’s



Baltimore House

Baltic Business Quarter
Abbots Hill

Wednesday 9th December